Zomega Terahertz Corporation is focused on developing and deploying Terahertz-based technology solutions for both the public and private sector. We produce both pre-designed and custom systems for time-domain spectroscopy, inspection and non-destructive testing, and CW applications in both point measurement and imaging modalities, with true turnkey operation and integration into larger systems requiring THz capabilities. In addition, we collaborate with different research groups to push the frontiers of Terahertz science and commercialize new technologies.

We have an open collaboration model that helps our customers find solutions to their problems using Terahertz technology. Let us work with you to find what methods work best for you!


THz system unveils Goya's hidden signature

A team from the University of Barcelona and Zomega Terahertz Corporation has used Terahertz imaging to unveil the hidden signature of Spanish artist Francisco Goya in one of his early paintings "The Sacrifice of Vesta". The signature, which cannot be seen in optical or in X-ray images, supports previous studies certifying its authenticity. The study was carried out with a Mini-Z THz system. More details can be found here or in our art inspection application section.


New Resource: THz eBook!

To help provide an introduction to THz technology and its applications, we've written a free THz eBook for the iPad that can be downloaded through the iBookstore at Apple. The iPad edition has several interactive features to help illustrate THz concepts, and we plan to continue updating the book in the months ahead. The iTunes page for the eBook can be found here. A reduced resolution PDF without the interactive features is available from our download site.

New Section: THz Imaging!

We've opened a new section of our web site that is focused on THz imaging. This is in support of our Teracopia project and the Teracopia Vol I DVD.

Last Updated ( 20 May 2013 )